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We are learners.

We are a community.

We are inspired.

About Us


"Inspiring students by enhancing the educational opportunities for those who need it most."

This is our mission, to be more than just a tuition service. We provide free tuition for students in our community, giving them the tools to succeed in education and in the process building role models and leaders who'll give back to their communities.

What does this look like? We put all of our profits back into the community through methods such as sponsoring the education of students; working with community groups to sponsor projects; and creating volunteering and job opportunities for with the help of our partners and their ambassadors.


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch

How we Help

We​ support students through tuition in two ways:

1) Drop-in clinics which are open to everyone.

2) Working directly with schools to offer free tuition to students who come under the 'Pupil Premium' scheme, or who have a diagnosed Special Educational Need.


You can find out more about our drop-in classes below, and if we're not currently working with your school you can help by encouraging them to get in touch!

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