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More About us

"Inspiring students by enhancing the educational opportunities for those who need it most."

We started up in 2018 with the belief that every child should have access to high quality education, and opportunities to help them in the world of work. We believe we have a responsibility to use our privileges to help those who face systemic disadvantages.The quote above is our mission, to give students the tools to help them succeed in education and their future, and in the process building role models and leaders who'll give back to their communities.

All of our tuition is completely free

What does this look like? Firstly, we work provide free tuition to students either by working directly with schools or through our drop-in sessions that are open to anyone. Secondly, 100% of our profits are put back into the community through methods such as: sponsoring the education of students in the areas we work (click here) by awarding scholarships (click here); creating volunteering opportunities for our students; working with community groups to sponsor projects (click here); and creating work experience and employment opportunities for our students with the help of our partners and their ambassadors. You find out more about our open drop-in sessions here.

100% of our profits are put back into the community

Our core service is a maths mastery service, we believe in developing students' problem solving abilities and soft skills by giving them a solid grounding in the core knowledge of the curriculum content. Our work reflects this, we will ensure that students' have the knowledge and understanding they need to be able to pass their exams, and that they come away with much more than this and develop skills they can apply to other aspects of their work and life.

For every student that signs up for a mastery service, we will also give them assistance in creating their CV, personal statements, and job applications; as well as using our own networks to help arrange work experience and internships, prioritising these services for our students who are in the 'Pupil Premium' scheme, are in receipt of the '16 to 19 Bursary Fund', or have diagnosed Special Educational Needs (SEN)

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