What Makes Us Special

Inspired Learning was set up with the belief that society has a responsibility to use privileges and resources to help those who face systemic disadvantages and need it most. As such, any students who fall under the government's 'Pupil Premium' scheme, are in receipt of the '16 to 19 Bursary Fund', or those with diagnosed Special Educational Needs (SEN), are eligible for fee waivers for all of the services we offer, both educational support, and employment support and opportunities.

"full Fee waivers on all services for students with special educational needs, or pupil premium"

As part of our ethos and values, we've teamed up with local community groups to run free, fortnightly drop-in clinics. Although the support offered will be mainly maths based, students are always welcome to get on with any subject of work if they simply prefer a quiet working environment in which to get their work done. You can register for this service here.

All we require is a letter from the school saying that the student falls within the 'Pupil Premium' scheme, is in receipt of the '16 to 19 Bursary Fund', or has a care plan for students with SEN. This information will remain completely confidential.

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The best way to get in touch is either using the contact form on the right, or sending a message to our number below (we have WhatsApp too!).

​Tel: 07482 564403

Email: contact@inspired-learning.org

Location: Based in Gravesend, Kent

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