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Further Maths

We offer group tuition for A-Level further maths which is £18 per lesson, however all of our services are free for students who come under the 'Pupil Premium' scheme, or who have a diagnosed Special Educational Need. We also offer discounted rates for students in receipt of the '16 to 19 bursary fund'. See our 'What makes us special' page for more information.

We also offer classes free to all students fortnightly throughout the academic year.


To see when our next classes here visit our calendar, or click here to send us an information request.

AS-Level (Year 12):

Complex numbers

Argand diagrams


Roots of polynomials

Volumes of revolution


Linear Transformations

Proof by induction


A-Level (Year 13):

Further complex numbers

Further series

Methods in calculus - notes

Further volumes of revolution

Polar coordinates - notes

Hyperbolic functions

Methods in differential equations - notes

Modelling with differential equations

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